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Six Lee collaborates for the first time with sneaker company AQUA TWO to create a stunning collection of sneakers. This collaboration encompasses 21 covetable shoe models in a variety of colors and styles. The campaign for this collaboration, was shot in both film and photography with leading Korean creative talents Gi Seok Cho and Seung Lee.


The starting point for the sneaker collaboration occurred when Lee stumbled across some geometric paintings during his research. Six Lee notes: “I combine geometric shapes with dreamy color palettes, balancing classic and futuristic undertones. It was this paradoxical contrast in approach that inspired me to create something similar in this collaboration. This is why you see traditional elements from Oxford shoes and loafers transformed and distilled into a modern and sporty context.”


Aqua Two also remarks about the collaboration: “Aqua Two has always taken pride in creating outdoor walking shoes that provide comfort, minimal environmental impact and great design. That said, we noticed that there was still a demand for both very functional and very fashionable shoes that was not being addressed. We are happy with this collaboration, and believe this great product will fill a much needed gap in the market.”


The collection features a combination of design details, including marble print soles, leather with a holographic sheen, reptilian textures, classic tassels and high-tech mesh. Pastel colors are also intermixed with monochrome hues. This wide and non-discriminatory approach to the design creates an aesthetic that integrates the familiar with the unfamiliar. In this sense, the shoes bring a new meaning to marrying function and form resulting in a collection that is very much fresh and unique.


To purchase the collection, click here




Aqua Two prides itself on creating outdoor walking shoes that embody an oriental Buddhism philosophy. The brand was funded by avid outdoor trekker and Guinness world record holder Steven M. Newman. Whilst Newman was hiking on a 2,000 mile trail in Japan, he realized how quickly the condition of his shoes had deteriorated, and how bad the state of his feet were in. From that point onwards, Newman pledged to create shoes that are comfortable, extremely durable, and environmentally friendly. The result is Aqua Two, which was founded in 1988 and since then has become a well-loved and cherished brand.



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