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SixLee invites 2nd time a Spanish artist Ernesto Artillo to create the Fall Winter 2014 Collection "WE'RE ALL LOSING SIGHT OF YOUR TRUE COLOR" campaign artwork, this collection was inspirated from a painting artist, Andy Denzler. His work moves between abstraction and reality. These glitch paintings sort of feel like distant memories, buried in the subconscious or snap shots of dreams. His work weaves nostalgic photorealism with gestural expression in his wholly original style of painting. He achieves the look of his works—at once a paused film still and a sweeping abstraction—by alternating bands of unmoving, impastoed detail with flowing horizontal sweeps of his brush, which vigorous action at a frozen moment in time.


"I see confusion, complication, and doubting throughout the whole collection. I use combination of textures and prints to create sophisticated mood and the emotion deep inside our heart." Six said.


Carry on from the previous season SS14, this collection was still inspired from the 19th century fine tailoring of the English aristocracy with new elements of Tibetan costume to construct the shapes of the silhouettes. Six said "All silhouettes are showcasing the sharpness of the British tailoring; but at the same time the softness was also reserved through the layering I built."


Six has chosen lots of innovative and abstract weaved materials to embrace the feeling of confusion. Try to touch and feel the wools, knits and textiles, some of them are specially treated to give extraordinary illusions. 




Ernesto Artillo, signature fashion illustration style uses entirely collaged images. Merging fashion imagery with anything from flowers, cliffs, renaissance paintings or architectural structures, to create a beautifully surrealist outcome. Artillo often uses images that he has taken himself, worked in with found images.


“For me, collage means detaching from my tendency of keeping everything in order. I’m constantly trying to become more abstract and less geometric. 


It allows me to literally cut/break with things – even though they are my own pictures – to create a new order. I suppose collage makes me challenge my own conventions.”



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